Life Readings with Sheryl & CO

Life Readings provide you with an Alternate perspective, guided by the link with your soul’s alignment and the CO* that chose to be present.

 In the session, we look at potentials and possibilities, issues or directions past, present, or future.  We begin by working with you to define the clarity of the issue by providing  perspective and insight. Often the issue is redefined as we discern the source.

In this process, many options and alternatives arise as possibilities or potential pathways. With my ancestral affinity for the gift of the Story in conjunction with the guidance of the CO*, a session offers you a way to hear the information in a cohesive context. The energy accelerates in this vibration and many story lines appear in images, literal and metaphorical.

In doing this work with many individuals,  I have learned that there are are many ways to proceed and that the individual always has choice. As we view your life force in a session, we are viewing a “snapshot” of that moment and that you have the choice to work with the universal forces toward a different outcome.

It is my hope to inspire and enhance your journey by confirming that which you have sensed/determined, to assist in the clarification and  to illuminate the Possible.

I would suggest that you refrain from alcohol or any mind altering substances 24 hours before your session. Bring your Humor and Heart to the session.  I look forward to working with you.

*CO refers to those energies that are often present in the work with me.  They include but are not limited to: The ArchAngels, Reiki, Feng Shui Masters, White Wolf, PAN, Devas & Nature Spirits.

In working with a specific goal, I offer a six session group in which we focus on opening to reaching the quiet within to find the clarity of the next step.  This is called the Focus Program in Services.