True2 Dog Training

True 2 Dog training is the compilation of my own experience in training my dogs and the many seminars and workshops over 38 years.   My philosophy around animals, both companions and wild, is that they are our partners in this life.   My frame is that their ways of learning/understanding and ours simply requires a communication bridge.

My first dog was brought to her at age 3 by my maternal grandfather without the knowledge of my parents as we were then living in married student housing at Syracuse University. Dogs have been my constant companions on this journey of life since then and I find often the most reliable. As my experience in Dog Sports progressed beyond classical obedience, I found that there was more understanding of the dog and its motivation to connect with us as the human partner. One of the things that dogs have taught me is that having fun while learning is pivotal and that if we reinforce their engagement with us in a way that the speaks to the dog’s natural gifts of curiosity and play, we meet them in partnership in a way that is actually much more enjoyable for the human partner. I have been involved in training with my own dogs in obedience, tracking, agility, freestyle, and nosework for the last 38 years and am currently training my young Border Collie and Border terrier in competitive Freestyle and Nosework. Moving into Freestyle from Agility, I discovered that the sport of dancing with your dog combined with tricks provided new and deeper training, team building, and creative fun.

True2 DogTraining Session: I start with an initial evaluation in which I look at you and your dog as a partnership and what your overall goals are with your dog whether it is a good daily walk or preparing for competitive sport. My goal is to help you connect with your dog on many levels and for both of you to have fun while working together to achieve success together. I utilize my training experience in conjunction with my skill as an energy healer and animal communicator. After the initial evaluation, we schedule 45 minute sessions working first in comfortable space like your home and then incorporate the learned skills in various environments. To set up an initial evaluation, contact me at

I offer Group classes in Tricks, Freestyle, Basic Obedience, and Foundation for Agility classes at Joseph’s Obedience Training School.