REIKI (Ray-Key) is a gentle healing energy that combines with the innate intelligence of the body to create balance and harmony. Energetically we view the body as a whole. If there is an area in the body that creates or manifests a dysfunction, we do not see that as the main issue but rather as the manifestation that the whole body is exhibiting. If the body is energetically in balance and harmony, there is health and well being. Many things can place us out of balance: stress, emotions, physical injury, trauma, etc. The mere pace of our world today is stressful on humanity and the animals that live with us.

Reiki flows through the practitioner to the client as the practitioner places her hands on or above the body. It is the client’s body that calls in exactly what is needed. Every treatment is unique to the individual, as it is their body calling in exactly what is needed.

The treatment is designed to work with the physical and the energetic body. Within the energetic body, there is a system of energy centers called chakras. These were developed by many eastern traditions and have to do with the function of our beings. There are seven main chakras that are located in the Human from the tip of our tailbone to the top of our head. Each chakra represents a function of our humanness such as emotion, communication, or survival instinct.

On the physical level, we work with the endocrine system. Along with the nervous system, the endocrine system coordinates and regulates many function of the body, such as hormonal balance, growth, and metabolism. In working on humans, a complete treatment consists of 18 different hand positions, based on the chakra system and the endocrine system in the body. A human lies down on a massage table fully clothed and will often just drift into a relaxing sleep. In working with dogs, they too relax and fall asleep once they are acclimated to the treatment.

In working with Animals, I have developed a series of hand positions that covers the endocrine system just as in humans. My interpretation of the animal chakra system is different as they sense and experience life as a whole rather than compartmentalized as most humans.

The animals are much more connected to the earth than we are. They literally sense life through their feet, their skin, and read energy with all their senses as one. Additionally, my experience of their energy flow is very developed in their spine and we pay close attention to this area in their treatment.

In working with animals, we take our cues from them. They tell us just what they need and want. Most of the time an animal will relax and often fall asleep in a Reiki treatment. We don’t expect this on the first treatment because everything is new but as the animal recognizes the energy, they also recognize the healing and in time begin to ask for it. Often an animal will recognize me and go over to the space we designate for treatment after one or two treatments.

The result of each treatment is unique to the individual as we are working with that individual’s energy. Reiki is cumulative in the body so the more Reiki, the more positive energy, the more easily the body comes into balance. So how an individual animal heals is at the exact rate his/her body dictates.

Reiki works with all modalities and can be done in conjunction with Western medicine. Reiki is beneficial in working with physical conditions such as cancer, emotional issues such as anxiety or fear and the behavioral patterns that derive from these conditions.

How much Reiki will your pet need? You can never do too much. In working with a serious condition, the ideal is to do a treatment every day. As a treatment is given, it commences a 21 day movement in the energetic pattern of the imbalance and creates a positive patterning in the body toward its own natural balance. With each Reiki treatment, another twenty-one day pattern begins, thus bringing the body toward health and harmony. The more treatments, the faster we have seen the patterns of imbalance fall away and natural balance restored with the imprint of positive Reiki patterning.

Reiki for Animals is available through distant healing sessions and in person on Cape Cod.

Reiki for Humans is available through distant healing sessions only.